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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Park Battles and Heavens

Allen Gardens

Is a good park with a large off-leash area, but with the usual lack of foresight the city neglected to build a fence of any kind along the Jarvis Street which is almost a highway with its 6 lanes. dogs are dying every season. It also has a lot of vagrant activity, that makes dog owners uncomfortable. There was even a story of a dog being hospitalized after finding a piece of crack and eating it. The park needs redevelopment.

Riverdale Park

This is doggie paradise. No roads, no leash, no hassle. Only fun and play. On a Saturday you might see 20+ dogs at a time all day long and there are lots of big dogs. The off-leash rules are:

  • shared space (as you can see there are a number of baseball diamonds)
  • off-leash in the spring, summer, and fall as shown on the picture, and the part of the park on top of the hill is "on-leash" during that time (its a water play area for kids); then in the winter when the kids are on the toboggan hill, the top part is off-leash.

Jarvis Schoolyard

This is the disputed area. Its a poorly kept school yard field and track used regularly by up to 50 dogs. The yard is big and well fenced, perfect for young small and large dogs that need to run in a safe area. It is the only yard of this nature in a radius of a 20 minute walk.

Monpegue Parkette

This park is a bit of a local affair, but all dogs and dog owners are welcome. Its small and has a fence along the road, backs onto a set of houses and is flanked by 2 buildings. One of the buildings has the charge of maintaining the park because its parking garage is build below it. The park could use some work, and the people generally pick up although you might not think so. There are just so many dogs using this park that you're bound to have some midnight misses. The park is free of undesirable activity common in the neighbourhood because there is almost always someone there with a dog.

Watch the whole video series from the beginning!

More parks will be added soon. To learn more about dog parks, check out this list.

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