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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Front Line

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Jarvis Collegiate is the only public fenced yard between Wellsley/Bloor and Carlton/Parliament. The yard is essential for small and young dogs that can't be trusted in a park by a busy road like the Allen Gardens dog off leash area. The school yard is poorly kept likely do to cutbacks. It hasn't been seeded for years and is basically a mud patch in the middle of running track. Previously the dogs owners and the school had an agreement where doggers would be diligent about cleaning up after their pets and report any vagrant activity and drug use in the schools sitting area. But with the explosion of dogs in the area, a new strategy is needed.

The school's website mentions the conflict briefly.

In the fall the principle of the school agreed to let the doggers in between Nov. 1st - May 1st, and June 15th - Sept. 1st. But in the final weeks the school reneged on that agreement.

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