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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meet General Kid-Afie

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Afie was rescued from the Humane Society and move to the Jarvis/Carlton area a year ago where he immediately took charge of the growing population of puppies. At 12+ years of age, he has the leadership skills needed for the coming struggle.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Facebook for Dogs - Proof of the Movement

All canine insurgency and dog park community groups should examine the organization power of Facebook DogBook.

As you know the insurgency had a partial victory last fall over the urgent need of a fenced yard at Allen Gardens (downtown Toronto, Canada). A fenced yard was created late fall, and has been used heavily by the local pack even in its unfinished shape. I say partial victory because it remains to be seen the health impacts of the 60% granite sand design, and the repercussions in terms of leash enforcement in the rest of the park which would likely be counter to the insurgency's dog park policy position.

And why was it needed? Dogbook stats currently puts the number of dogs withing a 2.5 k distance of the park at over 2700.