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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Insurgency Position Policy: Dog Parks

With battles over public space raging across North America, the Canine Insurgency would like to take a moment to clarify its position on dog park reform. Look forward to more detail dog park ideas in future postings.

Dog Park Position:

  • Dogs have a right to responsible freedom in parks and on city streets. That the right to that freedom is no different than those held by the pigeons, the squirrels, and every other animal including human beings.
  • A portion of every public park, unless the park was specifically designed for children, must have a dog designated area, where dogs can run and play off-leash.
  • All dog designated areas require at the very least, a fenced pen for the training and nurturing of puppies and restricted animals. Pen sizes will of course vary depending on the park.
  • With in every neighbourhood there must be a long run area for larger breed dogs, and a long run fenced pen for the training of young and restricted animals.
  • Dog designated areas, where ever possible, should have a designated potty area, with posted information on; training a dog to use the potty area, proper waste disposal and park responsibility.
  • Potty areas must be properly serviced by the city including garbage pick-up and routine sanitization, as well as provide access to drinking water for human and canine.
If the city’s policy isn’t talking about these measures as part of a long term management strategy, then the policy lacks any robust nature and will be destined to failure.


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